Lori Pellecchia

Lori is a law clerk at Breedon Litigation. She has extensive education in the legal field, having completed the Legal Administration program at Seneca College, the Legal Assistant program at the Toronto School of Business, and the Law Clerk program at Humber College. Lori has been practicing in the legal profession for the past 30 years.

Lori has extensive experience in motor vehicle accident claims, both tort and accident benefits, as well as medical malpractice and civil litigation.  As a law clerk, Lori draws on her experience and education, as she works with our legal team to provide excellent service and support to our clients.

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A little more about Lori.

Lori joined Breedon Litigation in 2018, having known Ryan when they both worked for a personal injury firm in Vaughan. Lori lives in Alliston with her husband. Together they have three children, the oldest of which had her fairytale wedding in Summer 2022. Lori enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Lori Pellechia

Our Cases

Marketology Media Inc. v. DGA North American Inc., 2023 ONSC 4417

Commercial litigation case where the defendant made non-arm’s length transfers with the intent to be creditor-proof. Ryan represented the successful plaintiff at trial.

L v. S et al (Confidential Settlement)

Medical negligence/wrongful death case involving an elderly patient who was admitted to hospital under a “Form 1” for suicidal behaviour.  The patient was inadequately monitored and committed suicide on the hospital premises.  Kevin acted for the spouse and daughter of the deceased. The case settled for $300,000 ($373,000 in 2023 dollars).

D. v. ? (Confidential Settlement)

Medical negligence/wrongful death case involving a patient whose use of Demerol was not properly monitored by family physician resulting in a fatal overdose. Kevin acted for the spouse and daughters of the deceased.  Case settled for $450,000 ($657,000 in 2023 dollars)

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